Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Fear not the peradventure.

Can anyone truly find words to describe when something takes your breath away? Is there a way to form literature around one of the most unique feelings in the world? If there is, it is beyond me. I feel it so often, but too often I cannot create a proper description to do it justice. I guess that is why I appreciate these breathtaking moments the most. They are only yours, to keep forever; because there is no true way to depict the emotion, feeling and imprint to any other individual.
I am quoting myself right now, because I truly enjoy what I said today.
Fear not the peradventure, for it will take you somewhere new.

Dance in uncertainty, rest on a chance…there are no true promises in life, so don’t allow yourself to wait around for them. Leap a wider gap, swim against a stronger current, peer deeper into the mirror to challenge your ghosts. At the end of the day, if you take a risk, you will grow proud of whom you are. If you stand with pride, you won’t fall for vanities and weaknesses. You are you, and the only thing you should worry about is being the best version possible.

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Queenet said...

Nickie, try to remember this 50 years from now and where you came from and how you got there! Be proud of ourself. U R quite the philosopher. Love, A. Elaine

p.s. Our reservations are confirmed for LV!! Yeah!